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Bianca The Loving

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By Jae LeDee

Shakespeare added Bianca to the play Othello to show that despite your rank in society you can fall in love with anyone.  She is a prostitute that is in love with Cassio while they are in Cyprus. As her feelings for Cassio run rampant; Cassio has the same feelings for her. Even though Bianca is a prostitute she plays a major role in the play.

Bianca in the play Othello is a prostitute who is in love with Cassio. She has deep feeling for Cassio. Her love in the play in multiple instance but a time that really stands out to me. In Act. 3 sc. 4 pg. 165 when Cassio gives her the handkerchief she is heartbroken because she thinks he is cheating. “ This token from a newer friend. To the felt absence now I feel a cause”. The feelings between her and Cassio are consensual, because Cassio is with her the majority of the time throughout the play. When Bianca accuses him of seeing someone behind her back he is hurt and defends himself. “Throw your vile in the devil’s teeth, From whence you have them. You are jealous now that this is from some mistress, some remembrance. No ,(by my faith) Bianca” (act. 3 sc. 4 pg.165). He says “by my faith which means he is faithful to her. This love is also displayed in the book by Cassio’s actions as well. It is stated that Cassio’s wife is very fair, yet he still spends most of  his time with Bianca, which has to mean there’s some love between them. For example when Bianca invites Cassio to dinner, but the night before he spent the night with her. In Act. 4 sc. 1 Cassio says,” I must. She’ll rail in the streets else”. This shows that without Cassio Bianca will just walk the street, so Cassio knows that and follows her to keep her safe. For the role Bianca in the play, she is very important. For example the handkerchief scene without her bringing Cassio the handkerchief; Othello would never believed Desdemona was cheating on him. Another thing I saw about Bianca is that she is not a bad person as everyone thinks she is just because she is prostitute. She actually stays true to one man instead of being like the others and sleeping with all the men. If Cassio were not married, Bianca wouldn’t be considered so bad in the Shakespearean society.

Shakespeare added Bianca to the play Othello so he can show the audience how love can catch anyone. Cassio who has a fair wife in a way falls in love for Bianca the prostitute. Shakespeare makes this work the other way around as well. Since Bianca is a prostitute she would have many lovers but in the play she stays true to Cassio.  


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